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  • VHT Engine Enamel

    VHT Engine Enamels™ are available in a wide range of colors. All colors have excellent durability and superior heat and chemical resistance.
  • VHT Caliper Paint

    VHT CALIPER PAINTS™ have been specifically designed for the custom detailing of brake, Caliper, Drum & Rotor components.
  • VHT Adhesion Promoter

    VHT™ Adhesion Promoter improves adhesion of enamel and lacquer topcoats to all surfaces, including plastic and chrome. Adhesion Promoter is an all-purpose clear primer ideal for both interior and exterior applications.
  • VHT Anodized Color High Temp

    Now DIYers can create an anodized look under their hoods. This unique transparent coating creates an anodized effect over properly prepared chrome, shiny bare metal and faux chrome-like surfaces for a spectacular metallic finish.
  • VHT Engine Metallic Coatings

    VHT ENGINE METALLIC™ Under hood engine dress-up never looked this good, or stood up to high-heat temperatures like VHT Engine Metallic™ Paint. Formulated for high temperature and high performance applications, VHT Engine Metallic Paint™ creates a cool sparkling metallic finish and withstands intermittent temperatures of up to 650°F (343°C).
  • VHT Epoxy All Weather Paint

    VHT Epoxy Paint is a one-step epoxy coating, which does not require the use of a primer. It has been formulated to give the appearance and durability of a baked-on finish. It provides a porcelain-like finish that is chemical, corrosion, rust and salt resistant.
  • VHT Hood, Bumper & Trim Paint

    VHT Hood, Bumper & Trim urethane coating is formulated with elastomers that allow for the flexing of paint on pliable surfaces. This unique formula is also well suited for fiberglass, plastic and other resin based bodywork. Equally suited for metal, VHT Hood, Bumper & Trim Paint offers excellent hide and mar resistance.
  • VHT Motorsport Coatings

    VHT Black Oxide Case Paint is a satin finish high temperature coating developed specifically for 2 and 4-stroke motorcycle engines. It is petrol and solvent resistant, and virtually stops rust and corrosion, even in severe weather conditions.
  • VHT Roll Bar & Chassis Paint

    VHT Roll Bar & Chassis Paint is a one step epoxy coating that does not require primer. It gives the appearance of a tough baked-on finish that is chemical, corrosion, rust and salt resistant.
  • VHT Rust Convertor

    VHT Rust Convertor destroys rust on contact. It sprays on clear and turns to a black metal-protecting coating to prevent future rust from forming. Specifically formulated for application over metal, body filler or fiberglass, Rust Convertor sands to a smooth, even finish.
  • VHT Wheel Paint

    VHT Wheel Paint™ provides a great finish and real protection for all standard and custom wheels. This unique product resists chipping, cracking and fading, while protecting the wheel surface from oxidation.
  • VHT Wrinkle Plus Coatings

    VHT Wrinkle Plus™ combines strong colors with a deep rich texture for a custom look. It is temperature resistant to 350°F (177°C) and is ideal for adding a touch of personal styling to almost any metal surface. VHT Wrinkle Plus™ resists color fading, grease, degreasers and severe weather conditions. This tough durable finish is extremely resistant to rust, corrosion, chipping and cracking.
  • VHT Lens Paint

    VHT Nite-Shades™ is a transparent lens coating for Restyling your head lights, tail lights, side markers and more. Available in Black and Red.
  • VHT Primers

    VHT Engine Primers have excellent durability and superior heat and chemical resistance.
  • VHT Clear Coats

    VHT is a premium quality coating, which provides extra hide and durability for interior or exterior applications.
  • VHT Cleaners & Strippers

    VHT Paint Removers are the absolute best paint removers on the market today.
VERY HIGH TEMPERATURE is what VHT stands for and VERY HIGH TEMPERATURE is what VHT products are all about. VHT's Flagship Flameproof paint was originally developed for the space program for use on space bound and re-entry vehicles! It doesn't get much hotter than that!